Where hotels need to improve

There are 3 key areas where hotels could improve their services – Chinese-friendly payment facilities, language services and local transport arrangements.

The biggest challenges faced by Chinese travelers at hotels are a lack of Mandarin-speaking staff and China UnionPay / Alipay facilities. Local transport arrangements is next on the list. When compared to last year, the top 2 challenges remain more or less the same, while the number of people who considered local transportation the most important increased by 4 per cent.

In-house Mandarin-speaking staff was considered the area for greatest improvement by 15 per cent of travelers, followed by China UnionPay and Alipay facilities (11%), local transport arrangements (10%) Mandarin tourism guides (9%) and on-site Chinese restaurants (8%). A small percentage felt there should be Chinese TV programs available (6%) and that the hotel website should be available in Chinese (6%).

The growing importance of intergenerational travel, where post 60s and millennials travel together and influence each other’s choices, is something that the hotel sector needs to be aware of. There is considerable potential to introduce services that cater to both age groups. This includes services that cater to the tech-savvy millennials, while also giving multi-generation travelers access to diverse activities. The introduction of a mobile and keyless check-in; check-out solution is the next exciting step for Hotels.com in meeting the needs of these tech-savvy travelers.