Tech-savvy travelers

Technology is very important to Chinese travelers, particularly as almost all (98%) stay in touch with family and friends while traveling.

This is done mainly via Wi-Fi in the hotel and in public places, which explains why the Wi-Fi and internet facilities in hotels are ranked number 1 for hotel services.

Almost all travelers bring some kind of digital equipment to stay in touch with their network and to record the trip, with smartphones remaining the main device. Our research shows this is a major area for the development of new services in the travel sector and one is focusing on, constantly updating features for the mobile app.  

Digital usage by Chinese travelers

The most important use for devices is to keep in touch (74%), followed by taking photos or videos (67%), searching for travel information (57%), checking the weather (49%) and navigation (45%).  

Modes of contact
Types of digital equipment

In order to connect to the outside world at a cheaper cost, a higher proportion of younger millennials also bought local data SIM while traveling (36% compared with 31% overall).

Millennials are also much more spontaneous in their use of devices while traveling, often using them to plan on the go. Non-millennials on the other hand tend to plan their trip in advance and while traveling use devices mainly to stay informed and in touch.

Selfies are more common amongst younger millennials, whereas posting on social media sites while traveling is more common with older millennials, with 40 per cent of this age group using their device for this purpose.